"Give me one hundred preachers who fear nothing but sin and desire nothing but God, and I care not a straw whether they be clergymen or laymen, such alone will shake the gates of hell and set up the kingdom of heaven on earth."
(John Wesley, August 6, 1777)

What Participants Say About the John Wesley Academy...

"As I write this, we are about halfway through the Academy. We have found it to be a superb way for lay and clergy alike (we have one pastor in the class) to get to know John Wesley and the roots of Methodism. Tom Fuller's lively text, with his important, pointed questions and considerable scholarship have combined in a study that can't help but add vitality and meaning to modern United Methodism wherever it is undertaken. It might even succeed in becoming a foundation of the reform Dr. Fuller (and I) fervently hope for!"
----Kent Barnard, Helper, First United Methodist Church, Bakersfield, California

"Thank you, thank you for compiling this marvelous study. I've been in lots of studies, but I believe this is the most comprehensive and easy-to-read and interesting one. Session 15, 'John Wesley's Beliefs,' is my favorite chapter so far. I wish all Methodists would read it. It would surely strengthen any person's faith."
----Mary Sheridan, layperson, Oakwood United Methodist Church, Lubbock, TX

"The John Wesley Adventure is informative and inspiring. It challenges us to rekindle our determination to continue the adventure of making and developing disciples of Jesus Christ."
---- Charles Whittle, Executive Evangelist
National Association of United Methodist Evangelists

"The class on John Wesley was outstanding. It is too bad that every Methodist cannot attend your class. I feel I know more about what a true Methodist is than many people who have been in church most of their lives. John Wesley was the most dedicated, committed person I have ever read about. He had a love for God that never has been equaled. I am convinced that we have to get back to the way he taught we should live and worship. Tom, I can never thank you enough for giving us a look at what true Methodists and believers in God really are."
---- R.L. Layman, layperson, First United Methodist Church, Hereford, TX

"Through this in-depth study of the life of John Wesley, I have learned what it really means to give my life to Christ, to live a Christian life. Most of us live an apathetic existence in the name of Christianity. The church (no matter the denomination) has drifted into complacency, and if we were to live for Christ as John Wesley did, the church would be revolutionized. The John Wesley Academy, when studied in prayer, will bring about a revival in your church, living the life Christ intended: loving your enemy, feeding the poor, sharing the Gospel, tending the sick, visiting the imprisoned!"
----Alice Langehennig, music minister, First United Methodist Church, Hereford, TX

"I signed up because I was interested in learning about John Wesley, his beliefs and the establishment of the Methodist church. I wanted to gain an understanding of what drew my ancestors to Wesley and Methodism. This study has answered those questions and given me much more insight into my own beliefs. It is full of lots of interesting facts about the society and culture that Wesley lived in, and the people who influenced him. Tom has done a good job of describing the culture and events of Wesley's times. It has been comforting to know that Wesley struggled with some of the same issues and questions I struggle with today.

John Wesley's basic beliefs and teachings are as relevant today as they were over 200 years ago. He founded the Methodist church on biblical principals that still apply today. Wesley was not about being a Methodist, he was about being a Christian. His methods for teaching and discipleship were extremely successful. This study reminds us that we must not lose sight of Wesley's vision."
----Robyn Skelton, layperson, Kingswood United Methodist Church, Amarillo, TX

"My class got a lot out of the John Wesley Academy. They really enjoyed reading and learning something new each week about John Wesley and our rich Methodist heritage. It was a real eye opener and a great blessing to us all. We all came to realize that if we could just renew our passion for Jesus and the ministry God has called us to, like Wesley did, our church could come alive and experience true revival once again."
----Eddie Marcum, former pastor, Means Memorial United Methodist Church, Andrews, TX

"I have been a Methodist all my life and I know John Wesley was the founder of our church, but until I took this course I did not know who he really was--his discipline, dedication and his great love for God and all mankind. I can see that God was by his side all of his life. I am so glad I was able to take this course."
----Maxine Hyden, layperson, Means Memorial United Methodist Church, Andrews, TX

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